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What is the HealthLounge

The HealthLounge provides free resources to transform your health and the health of the people you love through personalization. From videos to eBooks, podcasts and reality slices to visionary talks and experiences.

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What is Personalized health?

Personalized health simply means taking care of your health by looking at YOUR body and what’s happening in YOUR life right now. From stress levels to diet, activity to relationships, your environment to your thoughts - everything in your day contributes to your health. So to really make your health work, we need to make it as supportive for YOUR body right now as possible. That’s what personalized health does - assesses who you are right now - right down to your genes - and calculates how to support you best in all aspects of life.

Why is it different?

Currently we see a one-size-fits-all approach to health: Where one lifestyle is recommended for everyone and we all know it simply does not work! We have the highest rate of sickness in history with the widest reach of "healthy information".

Why is it important to personalize health?

It is the way that individuals can get well, feel great and avoid sickness & disease.

(Our body is a complex combination of systems that can adapt, endure and respond almost impeccably when cared for as it is meant to be. Our body is the greatest gift to all of us. Utilise this incredible natural resource and we suddenly have a burgeoning human race.)

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Take the 3 minute HealthType test to discover your HealthType. Based on a collaboration of ancient and modern sciences combined with today's technology, the complex algorithms of the HTT calculate your HealthType so you know how to stay healthy, from the time you wake up (cause it actually should be later for some people!) to the time you turn in!